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April 26, 2006
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My Very Own Logon by boss019 My Very Own Logon by boss019
Here it is! Your very own logon. For those who want a cool looking logon but don't want to learn how to make one and are afraid of ripping one from someone else.

Take this! Put another Vista wallpaper or your wallpaper or somebody else's wallpaper in it, change the name(if you can figure out how) and upload it as your very own amazingly awesome logon.

No one will know you don't know what you are doing, it will look like logons made by the professionals!!!!

Download it! Fav it! Get massive downloads of your own for doing nothing!

*This is a free resourse, use it, take it, rip it if it makes you feel good!
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Suck my balls, this sucks.
TekWiz Nov 15, 2010
I posted LogonXP NMVOL

TekWiz Nov 14, 2010
I like your additude LOL
I will borrow the Wallpaper
I don't have any artistic skill myself... But I do have an eye
for what looks good... I have posted some real nice configurations for logons and all someone has to do is change the wallpaper... but I never see anyone do a variation. I will borrow this and change it a little bit until I bring out something slightly different. Thanx

Okay. I'm confused. sorry. =]
In the picture there is no "Windows XP" and the "shut Down" is cool. But when i try it it's none of the above. =[ =[
Halp. =]
musicislife1995 Feb 19, 2010
thanks! exactly what i was looking for!
Hi boss,

do you think its possible to customize the logon template in Vista?

I've been searching but can't find any info on how to change the vista logon template. changing the background is not a problem with logon studio but i want to know how to change more than just that.

thanks for the help in advance!
Hey monsterlabbit,

It sucks but changing the background is all you can do in Vista or Windows 7 logons. I'm hoping someone will figure out how to do it, but for now that's it as far as I've seen.
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